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Social Life

Social Life

In harmony with its rich cultural heritage, Athens stands out for its creative and intense social life. This can be broken down into three parts: dining, nightlife, and shopping.


Getting around the table to eat and drink has been part of the Greek culture since ancient times. It is no accident that men used to debate various issues in small gatherings, while drinking. This tradition was called symposium, which literally means “drinking together”. The word was so meaningful that it is used even today to describe a scientific meeting or conference.

However, Greek gastronomy is much more than preparing a dish. It is a way of expression in culinary terms. While the most well-known example is the Cretan cuisine, linked with its wondrous effects on quality of life, no region is left without its contribution. From the pies of the North to the fresh fish of the islands in the South, from the meat-based diet of the mountainous areas to the legume dishes of the valleys, there is something for everyone.

As the capital of Greece, Athens opened its doors to people from all over the country, who have brought with them their own traditions and favorite culinary customs. As a result, a visitor can travel all around Greece by tasting its numerous specialties in one city.

Night Life

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Athenians might be their vibrant lifestyle and unique sense of hospitality.

From jazz bars to pubs and from clubs to the traditional Greek Bouzoukia, Athens is an animated city offering a wide range of options that appeal to all sorts of lifestyles and tastes.

Night life in Athens can keep going until the morning hours, thus turning any night into a special occasion. Any visitor can meet new people quite easily, as Greeks have a tendency to connect with new people, while having fun.


The best place for high end shopping in Athens is Kolonaki, where you can find all the big fashion names. However, the most well-known shopping street in Athens is Ermou Street. It is a pedestrian road full of famous brands and shops leading to the ultimate street shopping place of Monastiraki. The last one is situated around the Acropolis and offers a unique environment, where you may walk on the old cobblestone roads and visit the traditional flea market and bazaar. One can find all kinds of products there from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and bags to even decorating items. There are multiple coffee shops around the area that contribute to a full evening experience.

Shopping in Athens can of course be more than that. Products, like pastries or spoon sweets can be found almost anywhere. Created from fruits or even roses, they may open a new door for your palate. You can also taste numerous varieties of wine by vineyards cultivated in almost every corner of the country. Finally, many versions of honey are being produced and can be found in smaller shops around Athens. These local flavors can be a nice souvenir to bring back home or even something to offer to someone. After all, such a tasting experience could sometimes explain Greece much better than words can.